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“Residents gather to discuss ways to prevent crime in Lindsay Heights” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–11/24/11

“Milwaukee group returns from Equity Summit 2011 reconnected, re-energized” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–11/22/11

“Milwaukee delegation heads to Detroit for Equity Summit 2011” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–11/8/11

“Layton Boulevard West announces plan to improve quality of life” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–11/7/11

“Neighbors of Layton Boulevard West steer a course toward quality”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–11/6/11

“Craftsmen guild in Lindsay Heights rehabs homes, provides work” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–10/10/11

“Strategies for LBWN Quality of Life Plan revealed” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–9/26/11

“Long-awaited Longfellow addition breaks ground as community celebrates” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–9/19/11

“Journey House’s new south side center under way: Zilber Initiative helps fund new community center by school”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–9/18/11

“UNCOM Walk for Wellness promotes healthy eating, active living” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–9/12/11

“Journey House Youth Soccer League participants attend summer soccer” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–6/28/11

“Layton Boulevard West Neighbors to unveil Quality of Life Plan topics” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–6/3/11

“Master plan for Mitchell Park to get updated” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–5/31/11

“Clarke Square homes 'brushed with kindness'” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/31/11

“Lindsay Heights residents updated on Quality of Life Plan” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/31/11

“Fresh food restaurant proposed for Lindsay Heights” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/16/11

“Renderings reveal potential locations for Packers field at Mitchell Park” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/9/11

“Five markers to welcome residents, visitors to Clarke Square” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/9/11

“Silver City residents share vision for future of neighborhood” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–4/24/11

“Non-profits vie for WaterStone Bank funding” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–4/6/11

“Community input sought on changes to Mitchell Park” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–4/4/11

“News service to cover 3 Milwaukee neighborhoods: Web based service springs from Zilber Initiative” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–3/21/11

“Online news service to cover community issues” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/21/11

“Long journey culminates in new center for Longfellow, Journey House” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/20/11

“Hopkins supporters to protest MPS proposal to close school” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/20/11

“Reporting crime key to reducing crime, District 3 police and activists say” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/20/11

“Residents gather to visualize healthy neighborhood” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/20/11

“Fondy Food Center to lease 80-acre farm in southeast Wisconsin” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/20/11