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“Zilber Family Foundation awards more than $3 million in grants”

“Zilber Family Foundation announces $3.03 million in grants to benefit Milwaukeeans” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–12/18/17

“Milwaukee Recreation prepares ice rink at Burnham Playfield” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–12/15/17

“Zilber Family Foundation announces $3.03 million in grants to benefit Milwaukeeans ”–12/15/17

“Nonprofit journalism school partnership brings neighborhood stories to ”–11/14/17

“Old St. Anthony's Hospital will be converted into supportive apartments”–10/30/17

“Zilber School of Public Health celebrates accreditation”

“Milwaukee's Zilber Ltd. develops neighborhoods as well as buildings”

“Milwaukee south side restaurant could spark new life for Silver City neighborhood”

“There's a new park at Fondy Market”–9/19/17

“Community comes together to create school playground”–9/17/17

“Our Daily Salt in Silver City to close”–9/13/17

“Fondy Park to open Sept. 16 with all-day celebration” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–9/6/17

“Inside Milwaukee's 'mixed-drug toxicity' problem”–9/3/17

“Travel the world in one Milwaukee neighborhood”–8/29/17

“'Young Cats' earn money, gain skills in summer jobs program” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–8/23/17

“A look at UWM's Zilber School of Public Health”

“Clarke Square/WWBIC competition recognizes local small businesses” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–7/25/17

“A.W.E. Truck Studio gives interns a path to career in art” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–7/14/17

“UWM Zilber School attains national public health accreditation”–7/11/17

“$1 million invested in Milwaukee South Side homes ” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–7/10/17

“Zilber Family Foundation awards $2.19M in grants for improving community life”–7/10/17

“Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee attains national accreditation”–7/6/17

“UWM attains national accreditation for its School of Public Health” The Business Journal–7/6/17

“Zilber Family Foundation issues $2.2 million in neighborhood grants” The Business Journal–7/6/17

“UWM's Zilber School of Public Health now nationally accredited”–7/6/17

“Zilber Family Foundation awards $2.2 million in grants”–7/6/17

“UWM's Zilber School of Public Health attains national accreditation ”–7/6/17

“University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee now has first accredited public health school in Wisconsin”–7/6/17

“Zilber Family Foundation announces $2.19 million in grants to benefit Milwaukeeans” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–7/5/17

“Philanthropy and the family business”–6/5/17

“Running Rebels launches $4.1 million capital campaign”–6/5/17

“Victory Garden Initiative helps grow healthy food by building garden beds” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/24/17

“Vacant lots in Lindsay Heights to be developed into urban garden oasis” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–4/5/17

“Supporters of Domes welcome National Treasure designation” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/30/17

“Commons provides healthy food oasis in Lindsay Heights” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/9/17

“LBWN matching grants help South Side residents beautify their homes” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/2/17

“Executive director Vernon replaced at Walnut Way ” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–2/21/17

“Revitalize Milwaukee announces communities for Block Build MKE 2017”–2/13/17

“Silver City Catalytic Project taking shape” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–2/10/17

“Journey House Community Garden source of pride for Clarke Square” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–2/2/17

“'Getting out there' to revitalize neighborhoods: Gina Stilp” The Business Journal–1/19/17